3 Suggestions for a Successful Trip PR Wise for Prince Harry

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PR Agency Tips for Prince Harry NY Trip 14.05.13

The British Royal Family has long fascinated Americans and our obsession for them runs deep. As a result, members of the British Royal Family are treated and viewed as A-list celebrities. Paparazzi and tabloids love to follow their every move according to 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian. There’s no shortage of rumors on the gossip pages nor commentators on scandals regarding members of the Royal Family. Managing the publicity for the Royal Family is a full-time PR campaign – with or without a

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28-year-old Prince Henry of Wales, commonly known as Prince Harry is visiting the United States. As someone who already has a reputation for being wild and rebellious, he will undoubtedly be careful to avoid any PR crisis which could potentially embarrass the Royal Family. Ronn Torossian – CEO of top NY PR firm – suggests 3 things that Prince Harry must do to avoid bad publicity.

Be On His Best Behavior

Prince Harry has a reputation that gets tabloids excited. This means that Prince Harry must be extra cautious, since his every move will be scrutinized and closely watched by paparazzi and tabloids. He has to be careful about his behavior and conduct during his visit. It doesn’t mean he can’t have fun, but he must do everything to be on his best behavior.

 Stay Away from Bad Situations

Stay away from alcohol and women. Tabloids love stories about princes partying with women. Even if nothing substantial happens, tabloids will turn any rumor into a major story, creating plenty of bad press and publicity. It’s best to stay away from situations that have the potential to turn scandalous quickly.

 Develop Positive Publicity

In addition to avoiding bad publicity, Prince Harry must also develop good publicity by getting involved in the community and contributing to charities. It also needs to be a genuine attempt at giving; this means that he should find a cause he cares about and get involved. This will not only help keep the bad press away, but also get him plenty of good publicity.

If Prince Harry follows this advice from Ronn Torossian – who has handled crisis PR for many celebrities in the past – then he will be able to conclude his visit to the United States without scandal and bad PR for him and his family.

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