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Adtech public relations 06.27.22

In the last couple of years, the tools and software in the advertising industry have been rapidly evolving to the point where companies can now utilize a large number of platforms to create highly targeted ad campaigns that are completely automated.

Many companies are more than happy to invest in ad tech because of its capabilities to target audiences while generating a lot of insights.

However, considering the upcoming loss of third-party cookies, companies have another reason why they should be investing in ad tech, especially if they still want to be able to reach their target audiences at the right times and on the right platforms.


Advertising technology is all of the tools and platforms that companies can use to create and distribute targeted digital ad campaigns to their audiences.

These types of tools are developed to help companies create better data-driven marketing campaigns that will match the preferences of the target audience, as well as streamline the complicated process of purchasing and selling digital ad spots. It allows companies to utilize their marketing budgets in a smarter way that will also increase their return on investment.

There are a vast number of tools and platforms that can help companies become more efficient with their advertising campaigns, reach target audiences, analyze campaigns in real-time, as well as optimize them.

They’re also able to help businesses improve their omnichannel marketing efforts by targeting audiences across every channel that’s available to reach their consumers.

Consumer Focused

By combining ad tech and marketing tech, companies will be able to reach their target audiences by integrating their past purchasing behavior and individual preferences into ad campaigns.

With the help of this strategy, companies can increase the odds of generating positive responses to their promotional efforts from the target audience and optimize the sales process.

This type of data-driven approach can attract a larger number of new customers while still fostering brand loyalty which helps retain the existing customers.

Contextual Targeting

The latest changes in laws and regulations have started limiting the targeting potentials that companies used to have to only using first-party data.

This meant that most companies had to look for alternative ways to target their customers, which is precisely where contextual targeting has been quite helpful.

This advertising strategy uses the digital content that target audiences experience to distribute ads that will be relevant to them. When the strategy is combined with natural language processing and machine learning capabilities, companies can create a lot more effective targeted ad campaigns.

However, this doesn’t mean companies only have to pay attention to the content of their ads – they still have to think about the types of ads they’re going to be serving the audience based on their location, time, platform, and even the device they’re using.

PR Strategy for Ad Tech Companies

Many companies these days already know that I need to be following very specific trade publications to be able to stay on top of the latest developments that can help generate better results.

One of those industries that companies need to follow is ad tech because of the power that this technology has to automate as well as serve very targeted ad campaigns to consumers.

Over the last couple of years, since the pandemic started, there’s been hundreds of news platforms and tools in the advertising industry, and considering the big revenues that come with advertising, even more companies have started to join the ad tech space by investing and trying to generate positive results.

To get a competitive advantage in this crowded space, one of the best strategies that companies in the industry should be using is to differentiate themselves by utilizing the right marketing strategies.


Most companies these days have to stay ahead of any industry trends and developments to get a competitive advantage in their respective markets.

That means they’re constantly looking for publications that talk about specific industries that might be relevant to them, which is where thought leadership and the expertise of ad tech business owners can be incredibly helpful.

The companies in the industry can create studies, white papers, and surveys to present to the public and more helpful information that other businesses can benefit from.

By continuously presenting interesting or relevant information to these audiences, companies in the ad tech space can start presenting themselves as a credible and authoritative source of industry information that’s always willing to help others learn more about industry trends, insights, and latest technologies.

That means, the consumers and the public are going to be a lot more likely to think of the business when looking for specific solutions that the company provides, and they’re going to be a lot more likely to reference any of the content that the company has previously shared if it does so continuously.

Social Media

Social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter have gotten significantly more popular in the marketing and public relations spaces, being utilized to quickly and effectively communicate with the public, media outlets, and the target audience.

These two platforms have become a great way for businesses to generate brand awareness, increase their lead generation efforts, specifically for qualified leads, and network with other industry professionals or even businesses.

Additionally, according to research, plenty of the users on these platforms tend to make purchasing decisions from the companies they regularly engage with on these two platforms.

Companies in the ad tech industry can leverage their content marketing efforts and pair them with thought leadership to market their solutions. With the help of a communication and a strategic marketing campaign, these businesses can improve their brand awareness by engaging with other thought leaders in their industries, creating and distributing high-quality and relevant content, and communicating with the target audience.

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