Creating a Better Balance: Master your Work-Life Balance in the PR Industry

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work life balance public relations 29.06.15


The public relations industry has some of the most involved jobs that take nearly all the time an individual can find. From pitching, growing a relationship with a journalist or keeping in contact with your client; we rarely find time to relax while at work.

But, what are some ways a PR professional can achieve an active work-life balance?

Feasibility studies show that no one can expect to have it all when it comes to balancing work and personal life. However, some work environments are more favorable to the near perfect work-life balance compared to others. There are several things a PR professional can adhere to manage a healthy work-life balance amid schedules.

If you are a PR professional, here are some valuable tips you can bank on to help establish a strong work life balance in PR:

Start by doing what you love

Like an overrated cliché, the term doing what you love is easier said than done especially for PR professionals. Times have changed, and it is almost impossible to sit back relax and do whatever you like because of increasing workload, and the rush to beat the deadlines is just crazy. Do what you love doing to the best of your understanding in moments when you are away from work. It is scientifically proven to increase overall morale and boost general well-being. Get out there and have some fun with family and friends as this will assist you reduce stress and liven up your moods. Find some time for yourself on your tight timetable and squeeze in that happy hour.

Avoid unhealthy diet

Just because you got home late from work doesn’t justify the fact that you can pick some quickies high cholesterol junk foods to avoid the kitchen. Well, you may be justified, but what about your overall health? Your health is what drives you to work better hence doing some healthy menus would keep the doctors at bay. Limit foods that suck all the calories from your body and stay hydrated all time with adequate water consumption (not beer).

Coffee could be the surest way to deal with the Monday morning three-thirties but not the healthiest. There are better alternatives including coconut water, fresh fruit squeeze, or chew on a chocolate bar on your way to work. Lemon water is a good energy boost just as Vanilla extract would do to increase Serotonin production, a crucial hormone that increases your moods, personality and keeps your brain alert.

Start Early to Avoid Racing Deadlines

It’s funny how some PR guys would want to multitask and beat the deadline before the clock runs out in a day. Well, congratulations for being hard working. However, the human body requires enough sleep and rest to function optimally. Adequate rest lets the body rejuvenate and get ready for the next day’s tasks. It is good also to develop a strict sleep pattern and train your body to adapt to the brain clock. Research shows that six to eight hours are enough rest, from 9-10pm and wake up time at 5-6am.

Embrace work flexibility

Most laws around the world incorporate work flexibility programs, but it seems that the only practical ones are for working mothers. For men, it is always a good idea to find some time, as an off day to spend with your loved ones at home. It will breed a happy personality in you and will help you keep in close touch with your family. There are also other ways to work without necessarily reporting to the office. A good example is the Microsoft 365 virtual cloud service. Users can work from anywhere in the world by accessing company data and services virtually.


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