Social Media Marketing Strategies for Growth

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social media marketing 25.05.19

One challenge every e-commerce business owner faces is how to increase online sales. Knowing where to start, and how to stand out from countless other e-commerce brands online, can be a daunting task indeed.

The skyrocketing popularity of e-commerce has only served to make it harder for business owners to attract the visitors needed to boost online sales. Social media marketing has become a major turning point for firms just starting out, giving brands the chance to use both unpaid and paid social media marketing tactics to increase online sales and generate awareness.

To assist with your planning, this article will take a look at some top social media marketing strategies to help you increase sales.

Post Compelling Content Frequently

To grow your social following over time, it is vital that you post content consistently. Studies suggest that audiences respond differently depending on your posting frequency, so be sure to experiment with finding the best cadence for your brand. It can also help to compare your posting frequency and engagement rates to those of your competitors.

In saying that, your daily or weekly cadence is a non-issue compared to having a plan and a process to create genuinely compelling posts on a regular basis. When it comes to social media, there is no such thing as a “neutral” reaction; if it isn’t good, don’t post it.

Use Social Reviews

Use product reviews to create trust and gain insights into your products. This is a great way to increase online sales and generate brand awareness and reputation over time. Furthermore, reviews provide fresh content and help drive traffic from social media to your site, which in turn can boost your online sales.

Create Micro Content for Social Feeds

Consider the context in which the majority of users use social media. They might be on a mobile device during their commute, procrastinating at their desk at work, or killing time during a commercial break on the couch. In all these scenarios, there is one common factor: users on social media are often scrolling as an in-between for other tasks. As such, bite-sized content that packs a punch is the most effective way of captivating your audience.

By way of example, imagine you sell surf products. On your website blog, you publish an article titled “5 Ways to Care For Your Surfboard.” You can then repurpose that content into five pieces of micro-content for social media. This is much more suited to users, rather than trying to cram an entire article into a single post.

Use the Right Hashtags

The hashtag has organized masses of the social media world according to conversations, making it easy to join in on discussions and events by posting under the hashtags that are most relevant to your brand. If you know of a high-profile event on the horizon, make the appropriate preparation to make sure you can get in on the action. The more targeted, the better.

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