Tapping into cocktail season

cocktail season drinks 03.31.23

With summer on the horizon, now is a great time for beverage brands to capitalize on the rising temperatures of the summer cocktail season to drive sales. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic brands alike can engage with customers through promotional campaigns and advertisements.


Food and beverage brands can tap into the upcoming cocktail season by focusing on refreshing, summer-y flavors. Consumers are looking for thirst-quenching seasonal drinks in the hot months, such as flavored sparkling waters, mojitos, and sangrias and alcoholic brands can introduce their twists on these classic summer cocktails. Non-alcoholic brands can offer drinks infused with fruit flavors like watermelon, mango, or citrus, or non alcoholic versions of these same fun cocktails. 

Influencer marketing campaigns

Beverage brands can boost their marketing during the warmer months by collaborating with influencers creating more engaging campaigns on social media. Influencers can share  how to use the beverages they’re partnering with in summer cocktail recipes, making it more aspirational for their followers. Brands may also use lifestyle-focused content such as outdoor barbecues or beach trips to promote the products. Hashtags like #SummerSips and #CocktailHour will spread visibility and could help generate user-generated content.


Non-alcoholic brands can create limited-time offers and promotions to capitalize on seasonal trends. Doing so encourages consumers to try the products, increasing sales. For instance, a brand may offer a limited edition flavor in summer months. Alcoholic brands may offer discounted prices on kits for refreshing summer cocktails. This creates buzz around the brand and draws in new customers. Of course, you can’t forget the summer holidays as a promotional move.


This summer, beverage brands can tap into the cocktail season by creating new and eye-catching packaging. Non-alcoholic brands might explore tropical-themed designs, sparking the feeling of being on vacation. Alcohol brands can provide branded glassware or shakers, helping consumers craft seasonal cocktails at home.


Beverage firms can also join forces with restaurants and bars to promote their product and engage customers with unique experiences. Non-alcoholic brands can create refreshing mocktails that pair well with summer menu items. Meanwhile, alcoholic brands can create signature summer cocktails that feature the products in a unique way.


Beverage brands can capitalize on the summer cocktail season by emphasizing sustainability and environmental responsibility. Consumers care about the ecological impact of the products they buy. Brands can show their commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness by promoting the use of eco-friendly packaging or reduced water usage in production. Brands can also highlight locally sourced ingredients or commitment to cutting carbon emissions.

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