The Four Trends in Food That Matter Now According to Giada De Laurentiis

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Giada De Laurentiis, a renowned chef, TV personality, and founder of Giadzy, delivered a keynote presentation at the Summer Fancy Food Show, where she shared insights into emerging food trends shaping the specialty food industry and driving the success of her own brand. Giadzy is an e-commerce brand that offers Italian pantry products, lifestyle content, and a curated selection of travel guides and recipes. 5WPR had the opportunity to sit in on her panel at the Fancy Foods Show 2023 and listen to and learn from her insights. De Laurentiis also announced the debut of Giadzy’s private-label pasta, an initiative aimed at making hard-to-find pasta shapes more accessible to consumers. This expansion reflects the brand’s commitment to offering unique and sought-after products that cater to the needs and desires of its customer base.

Pandemic and Food Trends

De Laurentiis acknowledged that the pandemic played a significant role in shaping these food trends, as consumer sentiments underwent a mass transformation, creating a market gap that her brand was able to fill. With travel restrictions and limited access to local Italian markets and restaurants, people turned to online platforms to explore and purchase food products. This shift in consumer behavior, which was already underway but accelerated by the pandemic, allowed Giadzy to thrive and cater to the evolving needs of consumers. During her presentation, De Laurentiis highlighted four key practices that have been crucial to the success of her brand and are shaping the industry as a whole.

At-Home Culinary Experiences Demand

With the inability to enjoy diverse food experiences outside of the home, consumers sought to recreate those experiences in their own kitchens. Giadzy addressed this by working with local producers in Italy, who were her family friends, to curate themed recipe kits that offered traditional Italian flavors and culinary experiences. By providing consumers with curated kits, centered around specific themes, it becomes easier for them to understand and engage with the brand’s offerings. While many have returned to dining outside the home, these experiences still are popular and have become a staple for many consumers.

Product Sourcing and Storytelling

To communicate the authenticity of the ingredients and products, De Laurentiis emphasized the importance of sharing information regarding product sourcing. This includes showcasing video profiles of producers, allowing consumers to connect with the story behind the ingredients. It also includes content curation, such as creating articles, travel guides, and lifestyle content that can help consumers better connect with the brands, recipes, or ingredients. By providing transparency and insight into those practices, trust is built with the customer, instilling confidence in the authenticity and quality of the products.

Clean Ingredients and Authenticity

Today’s consumers are increasingly focused on clean and authentic ingredients. De Laurentiis recognized this food trend and ensured that the products offered by Giadzy aligned with these values. By prioritizing clean ingredients and emphasizing authenticity, the brand resonates with health-conscious consumers seeking products that align with their values and dietary preferences.

Packaging and Aesthetics

The visual appeal of products and packaging plays a crucial role in today’s marketplace. De Laurentiis highlighted the importance of eye-catching packaging that reflects the brand’s identity and shares relevant information about the business. Sustainability and reusability are also key considerations for consumers, who are interested in packaging that aligns with their values. Giadzy strives to create packaging that embodies Italian style, lifestyle, and culture, with the goal of creating products that consumers are proud to display on their countertops or even regift to others.

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