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These days, there are still a number of people who don’t really understand how big the video game industry really is.

Generally, about ten game titles make just as much if not more than Hollywood’s biggest hit movie each year. Just in the last year, the gaming industry’s revenue reached over $150 billion.

However, behind all of the familiar characters, franchises, and corporations, there are big PR teams that work on the same strategies as their counterparts in other industries. Most of the same rules apply in public relations in video games as with other clients, but they have some unique features.

This allows gaming PR teams to develop more opportunities for companies to engage with outlets, influencers, and general target audiences.

As big as the gaming industry is, the gaming media industry is just as big. This goes beyond the number of top gaming journalists all the way to communities that have casual fans, amateur enthusiasts, super fans, and  professional journalists.

Gaming Content

The public relations segment of the gaming industry follows the general PR rule that says content is king. In the never-ending news cycle of the current media age, most articles have a short lifespan. Additionally, most media platforms that are solely dedicated to focusing on the video game industry are currently stuck in a phase of looking for brand new content.

That means any company that understands that there are plenty of different perspectives or angles to use for game releases has plenty of potential for  attracting the attention of its target audience.

There are plenty of different types of gaming content that companies can provide to their audiences. That content ranges from talking about news about people involved in a production of a game to detailed accounts of  different characters or other aspects of a game.

Gaming Graphics

From the very start, video games were a visual medium, which is why any type of media coverage regarding games should include some types of graphics. That’s why companies should be creating as many graphics as possible for each title.  

That will complement all the information that’s shared with the media outlets. Between graphics tools and videos, companies can add practically any type of graphic that’s connected to a video game in a featured article.

Graphic content is just as important as  written text about game titles in a company’s portfolio, and most of the time the success of a company’s gaming PR efforts tends to depend on that content.

Although plenty of times editors can make last-minute decisions about which stories are going to be published, there have been a number of instances of companies receiving offers to get media coverage, as long as they have the necessary visual elements.

That’s why companies should make things easier for journalists and their editors, by sharing a library of graphics from the very beginning.

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