Guidance on Coronavirus in the Workplace

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Companies and corporations are scrambling to adjust to what the COVID-19 pandemic means for day-to-day business. Industries and states that haven’t already been restricted by government policy are wondering if it’s time to close shop, or what to do if an employee contracts the virus. Furthermore, there are still essential businesses that will remain open even as the fight against the virus continues. Here are some considerations for how to best navigate this uncertain situation.

Review and revise office policies

Stay up to date with regulations put in place by the government which may limit how many people are allowed in the workplace or hours of operation. Ensure that your work from home or sick leave policies are flexible, and consistent with health guidance, and make employees aware of these policies.

Encourage sick employees to stay home

Human Resources should keep up to date on potential symptoms, high-risk travel areas, and CDC recommendations and be sure to communicate these to all employees. If an employee is feeling sick, or could potentially have been exposed to the virus, encourage them to stay home and monitor themselves concerning the CDC’s guidelines.

Infected Employee

Make it clear that any employee recently in the office who has tested positive for Covid-19 needs to share this information with HR. Employees who worked closest with the infected should self-quarantine and work from home for two weeks. If the office is still open, all employees should be sent home until the space can be thoroughly cleaned, and employees should closely monitor their symptoms.

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