20 of the Best Chat GPT Plugins and How They Work

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ChatGPT, a remarkable AI chatbot, is at the forefront of the AI transformation. It provides an avenue for interactive communication with AI, offering a wide array of capabilities. To make the most of it, developers and enthusiasts have created an assortment of ChatGPT plugins

Prompt Perfect

Anyone struggling to craft the perfect prompts for ChatGPT should look no further. Prompt Perfect is an invaluable extension that empowers users to create precise prompts for their AI chatbot interactions. 


OpenTable, a handy ChatGPT plugin, simplifies restaurant bookings on the fly. This plugin streamlines the booking process, ensuring users secure their dining reservations with minimal effort. 


The Wolfram ChatGPT plugin is a technological powerhouse. While it might seem a tad technical for some users, it offers advanced data capabilities, enabling real-time data processing, mathematical computations, and access to a wealth of information. 


Zapier, a standout plugin, is tailor-made for professionals and marketers. It simplifies workflows by facilitating interaction with over 5,000 work apps. 


The arrival of Canva on the plugin scene opens up a world of creative possibilities. This versatile tool can generate social media posts, design videos for platforms like Instagram Reels and TikTok, craft website templates, and even create presentations—all within the chat interface. 

Argil AI

ChatGPT’s capabilities have expanded exponentially with plugins like Argil AI. This innovative addition allows users to generate images directly within the ChatGPT environment. 


Travel enthusiasts can rejoice with the Kayak plugin, designed to facilitate flight and hotel bookings and provide travel recommendations. 

Link Reader

Simplifying the task of consuming web content, Link Reader excels as a ChatGPT plugin. It’s proficient in reading and summarizing various types of content, including webpages, PDFs, and images.


Stories, one of the top plugins, allows users to craft their own narratives. All it needs is a prompt to generate captivating stories.


Language enthusiasts will appreciate the Speak plugin for its language-learning capabilities. 

There’s an AI For That

The aptly named “There’s an AI For That” plugin stands out as a one-stop shop for various tools needed in both professional and personal life. 


Instacart is a ChatGPT plugin exclusively focused on food. It adeptly crafts food and drink recipes, offering a detailed breakdown of preparation steps. 

MixerBox OnePlayer

MixerBox OnePlayer brings music to ChatGPT interactions. This all-in-one music compiler gathers songs and creates playlists based on user preferences, making it an ideal addition for music lovers.

Show Me

For those who need to create diagrams in real time, Show Me is a handy plugin. With a basic concept in mind, users can transform their ideas into flowcharts and diagrams, enhancing visual communication.

Questmate Forms

Questmate Forms is a boon for those creating infographics and forms. This plugin generates various types of forms with ease, simplifying the task of crafting visually engaging content.

Image Editor

Basic image editing becomes hassle-free with the Image Editor ChatGPT plugin


Podcast enthusiasts will find a friend in Likewise, a premier plugin for discovering new podcasts. Utilizing its extensive database Likewise suggests podcasts based on moods and genres.

World News

Stay informed with the World News ChatGPT plugin. While the base model’s knowledge is limited to 2021, World News ensures users receive the latest news and updates.


VoxScript elevates the multimedia experience. This plugin fetches detailed YouTube video information and transcripts.


No introduction is needed for the Chess plugin. Engage in strategic chess games against ChatGPT. Choose a skill level, and the game begins, promising a pleasant and challenging experience.

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