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Communication Tips for NYC PR Firms 23.04.13

New York is the understood and unrivaled champion of worldwide communication. PR firms in NY that want to thrive must continue to find new ways to continue that trend. That may seem like a simple task. The Big Apple is the home of television, modeling, corporate PR, beauty PR, advertising, Big Radio and a host of other PR-friendly message outlets. But the world is hardly limited by geography anymore. Now that the Internet is readily available nearly everywhere, worldwide communication is both constant and immediate.

In a city famous for its fast pace, this creates a noisy environment where  you have to do so much more to get noticed. Here are 5 essential communication strategies every New York PR firm must follow if they want to stand out and be heard.

Keep it substantive

Make sure your messages have meaning. Speak “to” and “with” consumers. Not “at”  them. Remember, social media is gaining in marketing clout. And social media is, by nature, interactive. Your messages better be as well.

Make it sticky

“Sticky” content is that which grabs the attention and causes people to act.  If your message is pedestrian in any way, it’s going to get passed over. Solid, topical content is no longer good enough. You need to have sound bites – something worth repeating, sharing or sending. If not, your campaign is dead in the water. Better make  it stick.

Keep it current

Content must be fresh, sharp and interactive. It has to create an instant connection with your target audience. Remember, they are most likely seeing it for the first time on a small screen with an arrow off to the side. One click on that arrow and your connection is severed. Keeping your content current will command attention and build trust.

Build a solid archive

This is the “B” side to tip number four. You need to cultivate a solid reputation. Digital success stories matter in the world of Internet perception. And online reputation management is, increasingly, becoming reality. Before long, adding “Internet” in front of perception will just be redundant.

Don’t miss your chance

You better have a solid response team and plan in place. Opportunities happen  faster than ever in today’s marketplace. Sometimes a simple graphic image can go viral and turn your client into an overnight sensation. Every time that happens, untold thousands – if not millions – had a similar idea. They just did not execute it fast enough.

Now it’s too late. Their competitor is viral and they are also-rans. All because their PR company didn’t stay sharp. Do not just keep these points in mind. Discuss them and draft an implementation plan today. If you wait, it may already be too late.

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