5 Trends We Saw at CES 2024

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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held annually in Las Vegas, stands as a pinnacle industry event, bringing together leaders in the space to unveil cutting-edge technologies that are set to shape the future of consumer lifestyles. This year’s show provided us with a lot to think about, but these five trends captivated our attention.

Aging and Elder Care

Healthy aging, aging tech, and elder care dominated the Smart Home sector of CES this year. The technologies showcased included apps to track your health and aging factors, connected products that can assist children in taking care of aging family members needing support with doctor’s visits, medications, and more. There were even more extreme solutions like holograms that improve telecare and combat loneliness. New tech in this sector aims to help people “age in place” so they can stay happy and healthy in the comfort of their own connected homes.

Is it AI?

As expected, AI was EVERYWHERE this year. Rather than one pavilion dedicated to AI, it permeated every aspect of the show, from interactive barista robots to improved high heels to anti-snore pillows. The catch? Determining what’s truly innovating on AI in 2024 and what is leveraging this new trend to break through.


Automobiles have officially entered the tech era. Fluid “Mobtion,” AI-powered dashboards, and innovative EV are just the beginning. We also saw solar charging tents that attach to your truck, taking “van life” to a new level, custom interactive lighting, and of course, many concept cars.

Robots Actually Are Taking Over

From smart home products to actual interactive service bots to healthcare and hospital support, robots blanketed CES 2024. One of the darlings? ADAM, a barista robot from 5W client Richtech Robotics was serving up fresh, hot, free coffee right on the show floor that could be customized to exact specifications. In his off hours, ADAM also moonlights as a bartender. Robots are also now a dog’s best friend – helping feed and clean up after your furry companions.

Smart Housekeeping

Gone are the days of a weekly allowance for your daily chores. In 2024, smart connected home products will take care of it for you. Robot vacuums that can mop, sweep, vacuum, and more, automated pool cleaners, and many robot lawn mowers were seen across the show floor – here to take on the daily to-do list of the busy homeowner. Don’t forget the refrigerators that can alert you when you’re out of milk!

From cameras to monitors, behind-the-scenes technology was front and center. Connecting devices to work together through ecosystems is continuing to gain momentum. And transparent TVs? They exist!

As we reflect on our time at CES, we’re amazed at the creativity behind the technology. These trends not only reflect the current state of the industry but also serve as just a glimpse into what is still untapped.

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