5W Launches New Digital Agency, HOW

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5W is very excited to share that we have launched a new digital agency, HOW, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the 5WPR family.

After 20 years of delivering best in class communications and integrated services to clients across the B2B and B2C landscape, the agency is launching HOW as an extension of its existing digital team. HOW will be a full-service digital agency committed to committed to radical accountability and the idea that HOW you do anything means everything. 

An extension of the 5W brand, which was named after the five W’s of journalism: who, what, when, where and why, HOW strategically applies those continued principles of communication to the digital experience. In a world where digital marketing has simply become essential to brands’ ability to capture attention and market share, it comes down to HOW an agency assembles, integrates, and operationalizes in the complex moving parts of today’s digital ecosystem.

HOW will be led by industry veteran, Paul Miser, who joined 5W in November 2022 to spearhead the agency’s existing digital practice with the intent of creating HOW.

The new agency, which is comprised of 25 specialists across content, paid, technical and strategy, is already working with a variety of clients across the B2B and B2C landscape.

Of the launch, 5W co-CEO Matt Caiola said: “Every digital agency can pull together the same laundry list of services, but it’s the people running the show who will keep your brand fresh and spotless. HOW will attract digital leaders who burn with talent and the desire to reach and touch consumers by using emotional connections and technology-led insights.”

Learn more about HOW at howagency.co and follow us on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

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