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marketing 12.24.22

In the last couple of years, more and more companies have started integrating audio content into their marketing and public relations, as well as their overall communication strategies, to leverage all of the benefits and opportunities that they can get from this type of content. Whether it’s by partnering with various influential voices in their market, or through paid or owned communication channels, audio content has been on the rise, especially since the pandemic first began back in 2020. Since then, aside from the rise of audio content in the form of podcasts, a number of other platforms have experimented with audio-based content. We all remember the rapid rise (and subsequent fall) of Clubhouse, or the more recent Twitter Spaces. Though products and platforms in the audio space will continue to iterate, one thing is clear: companies that haven’t been investing in audio content should be doing so as soon as possible if they’re looking to reach their target audiences in an effective way.


As previously mentioned, one of the most popular forms of audio content in the last few years has been podcasts, and the most important thing that companies have to keep in mind before starting their own is the fact that the content that’s being shared via podcast is episodic. No matter what the release schedule of a podcast is going to be, companies have to commit to the content beforehand and create a regular schedule for creating and releasing the content via a podcasting platform. If a company doesn’t have the time or the resources that it needs to invest in creating one of its own, it doesn’t have to. After all, there are plenty of podcasts available across many platforms these days, and companies can always appear as guests on other relevant podcasts.

Voice search

Aside from podcasts, another incredibly popular trend as of late is voice search, and if a company wants to invest in only one segment of audio content in its marketing efforts, it should be voice search. The reason why is that voice search is going to start being prioritized on search engine results pages in a similar way that websites that have been optimized for mobile devices have been prioritized in the last few years. That means, companies that are optimizing their websites for a voice search are going to get a boost in their ranking on search engine results pages. In addition to focusing on written content, companies have to take note of the differences that come with what people say out loud vs what they type into search engines and make sure that they optimize the content on their websites for voice search, especially when considering the rising popularity of various cloud-based voice services that have become available.

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