Three Unique Ways to Boost Engagement on Social Media

Engagement is a key metric for social media. Interacting with users can have a huge effect on the success of a marketing campaign or simply the lasting power of the brand. However, engagement is also difficult to come by.

Algorithms have made it increasingly difficult for businesses to be visible in users’ news feeds on social media, especially organically (or not paid for, in other words). However, there are still ways to boost engagement on social media authentically, without sacrificing quality of content.

Boost Engagement by Starting Conversations

Starting a conversation online is simple. A brand can boost its engagement by starting conversations in two ways.

First, a brand can make a post on social media and solicit feedback. This can be something simple, such as “what is your favorite beauty routine?” for a beauty or wellness brand. Users can then add their feedback in the comments, and each comment helps organically boost the reach of that post, thereby showing it to more and more users.

Another way to start a conversation is to engage in the comments on posts and other pages. This does not include spam type of comments such as, “Hey, you look cool! Check out our page!”. No, instead interactions should be more genuine and conversational. Remember: any social media interaction should have value. Offer advice or perspective, or simply engage with a customer who is complimentary of the business.

Community is a Great Engagement Booster

Many brands are looking to privatize communications now in favor of limiting interactions solely to public pages. For example, the popular podcast, My Favorite Murder, has its own dedicated Facebook groups for fans to interact with each other and the podcast hosts. These groups are segmented by geographical area and offer an opportunity for fans to feel more like they are a part of the product.

This sense of community is an opportunity that more brands could capitalize on. Even a service provider such as a lawn care company or a spa can create community among their customers. Customers like to feel special — how can your business best fill this need for them?

Contests Done Right Can Increase Engagement

Many brands will offer up giveaways or contests for their social media followers in an attempt to gain more followers and boost engagement. This is a tried and true method, but it should still be done correctly.

Contests should be simple and not spammy. The prize should also be something worthwhile, equivalent to the effort made by the followers to enter.

Additionally, think about what the end goal of the contest is. Is the goal to add email addresses to a database? Prompt customers to make a purchase while entering? Simply gain more followers? Answer all of these questions while structuring a giveaway or contest and ensure that everything is a funnel to achieve the end goal.

Engagement is a marketing buzzword on social media, and it’s an important metric to track the success of a marketing campaign. There are several ways to boost this metric, even without a large paid advertising budget. Organic traffic is still possible, even with the tough algorithms that make it difficult to reach people. All that’s required is a bit of creativity and the time to dedicate to this concept of organic growth.