Five Tips For a Killer Call To Action

call to action 19.11.18

Call To Action, or CTA, is a key part of your marketing strategy – it’s the part where you tell your target audience what action they should take after arriving at your landing page or reading through your blog post. The most basic CTAs would involve encouraging the customer to buy your product or service. Other types of CTA involve asking your reader to share your content, make a donation, subscribe to your emails, and so forth.

Creating content without an effective CTA is a lost opportunity to encourage your audience to be a supporter, follower or buyer of your brand. A CTA is what turns marketing into active engagement and hopefully, profits. Here are some tips to create a call to action to get the best results:

Strategic placement

Place your Call To Action in a strategic position on your sell sheet. It should be in a highly visible, easily accessible area – typically alongside the company’s information with physical details of the product or service. It might also be in a separate text box or lined up at the bottom of the post/page, preferably in big letters.

Short, Simple and Actionable

CTAs should be long or complicated. The audience shouldn’t have to think about what it means or what the next step they need to take. It should be as simple as possible so your customer doesn’t have to waste time and mental energy figuring out what they need to do. In addition to being short and simple, a CTA should be easily actionable. They should be able to do what they need to do without any hassle. If the CTA is to go to their website and order the product now then there should be a link leading to the website and getting through the buying and payment process shouldn’t be a source of stress.

Overselling is overkill

Basically, don’t try too hard. Being or appearing too aggressive can scare people off. It’s usually quite apparent that you’re trying to sell them your product or service. Instead of pushing the sell too hard, try to focus on your product or service and explain why it would benefit them. You can do this by having a stellar product description, including specific details and reviews, as well as connecting your audience to ways to get more information about the product.

Customize your CTA based on devices

While creating your CTA is important, if your CTA isn’t customized to the device being used by the audience then it may reduce its effectivity. Laptops and mobile devices tend to have different user behaviour and search intent and therefore, it is prudent to tailor your CTA. People using their phones to search for instant gratification, so including messages like ‘Call now to get started’ can help you target your audience to take immediate action.

Provoke Emotion and Enthusiasm

Elicit a strong response from your audience by getting them excited. For instance, a message like ‘Buy now and get 25% off!’ or ‘Plan your dream vacation today!’ can do wonders in getting your audience enthusiastic, and therefore increasing  engagement and sales.


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