How to Generate New Business with Public Relations


For companies that are just starting out, it’s an option to either work on PR efforts on their own, or work with a trusted PR professional. When working on their own, companies should start by asking themselves what the goal of their PR efforts is , what they should be doing to achieve that goal, and how to effectively reach their target audience.

With all of this information put together, companies will be able to create more targeted PR efforts, and narrow down their list of media outlets and journalists to reach out to.

Many times, it’s not just reaching out to journalists and media outlets that will work, because there are various business competitions that companies can also enter where winning means receiving media coverage too.

News Trends

Another way for companies to promote themselves is to capitalize on various trends in the news. This means keeping a close eye on what’s happening on news outlets, which topics are being talked about within the relevant industry, and then coming up with a few interesting subjects that the company is an expert on.

Additionally, when utilizing this strategy, sending out a press release to a media outlet should only be done if a story is newsworthy, otherwise, media outlets are not going to be talking about it.

Social Media Networks

One of the most cost-effective and efficient ways for companies to grow and promote themselves is through social media platforms. It’s a free and instant tool that companies can use, and to reach even more people they can always promote ads or posts.

Although in most cases social media content and traditional media outlets should be working together for the company to be able to grow, these days, consumers tend to be very active on social media, which is why it’s important to be engaging with them efficiently.

When communicating via social media platforms, companies should always consider the voice and tone of their posts. Although their posts should follow the same voice and tone of the company’s general language, while adding a bit of humor on social media can help get the consumers’ attention.

Responding to Reviews

As is common with running a business, receiving both positive and negative reviews is to be expected. However, plenty of business owners aren’t sure how to navigate negative reviews or public criticism. In those cases, whenever a consumer has any complaints, the business should immediately address their concerns, apologize for the situation, and then reach out to the consumer directly and privately to sort the situation out. This will show all of the consumers that the business cares about them, and help the company grow even more.


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