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conversions 17.06.19

Your product page is the place where most of your customers make the call to either buy your product or leave your store. Unfortunately, it’s also an oft-neglected part of the sales funnel.

While most store owners tend to focus on improving their checkout page or tweaking what happens after a visitor adds a product to their cart, the majority of customers won’t even get that far unless you create product pages that successfully convert.

Product pages exist to tell customers why they need your product and should list all the details a customer needs to see in order to make a buying decision. Beautiful photos of your product and well-written product descriptions are important, but the job doesn’t end there. There’s much more you need to get right in order to make a great product page.

Here are a few timeless ways to improve your product pages to grow your sales.

Don’t Beat Around the Bush

In the world of journalism, the lead is called “the lead” for a reason: you must start a story with the details that matter, and you should never force people to have to dig in order to find essential information.

This strategy is applicable to store owners. While your product page will have to cover a range of important product details, you should never leave potential customers in suspense. Truly, it only takes a single click of a button to lose a sale. Make it clear what your product is and why it is essential, fast.

Understand Your Customer

When figuring out what to include in your product pages, remember that there’s a close relationship between the product, your customer’s motivations to buy it, and possible hurdles that may delay or curb a decision to purchase. Understanding your customers and challenging your own assumptions through the voice of customer research is also important in figuring out what’s on your customer’s mind when purchasing.

At the same time, while increasing conversions is one benefit that comes from a good product copy, addressing potential concerns also allows you to set better expectations. This, in turn, will have the effect of reducing the number of returns on a product.

Have a Clear Call to Action

It may seem obvious, but it must be said that you don’t forget to highlight your add to cart button. Purchasing a product from you should be as seamless an experience as possible, which means that your call to action – a purchase button – must be impossible to miss.

Activate Live Chat

Live chat is consistently rated as having the highest satisfaction levels across support channels. Customers clearly like it when answers to their questions come quickly and feel like it’s the most efficient use of their time. Live chat also lets your visitors know that your services are easily accessible, boosting your trustworthiness as a business.

Even if your visitors don’t necessarily use live chat, the fact that it is provided as an option can go a long way to giving that extra peace of mind.


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