Marketing Tactics for the Cannabis Industry

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cannabis marketing 10.06.19

As more and more states — and the country as a whole — move closer to the legalization of cannabis products, a whole new opportunity begins to emerge for brands seeking to stake their claim on fresh new territory.

And really, marketers within the cannabis industry have less work cut out for them than some in less lucrative and exciting industries. For the most part, consumers are chomping at the bit to obtain rights to legally consume cannabis products. So is any marketing prowess actually needed?

The short answer is yes. Why so? Because inevitably, when cannabis is legalized (recreational or even just medicinally), hundreds of other brands will be throwing their names in the hat to be the first to take some of those hard-earned customer dollars.

The name of the game in this cutthroat and fast-paced industry is to be innovative and different and to have a strong strategy for reaching as many consumers as possible, as quickly as possible.

Speak the Customer’s Language

When it comes to reaching a potential customer and striking a chord, a brand must know how to appropriately speak their language. What does this mean, exactly?

Cannabis brands should understand what it is their ideal customer is looking for. Does this brand’s product selection specifically attract those with anxiety or trouble sleeping? Or are the products aimed more at being party supplies, fun must-haves for a night out? Defining this target will help narrow down the language that should be used in marketing campaigns and assets.

Spring for High-Quality Marketing Assets

Often, brands may opt for quicker graphic design jobs in the interest of being “first to the punch” or in order to cut corners on costs. While it’s completely understandable that a brand, particularly a start-up, may not have a large marketing budget, there should still be some funds earmarked for this purpose.

Why is this so important? Because quality matters. Customers notice when a brand has taken the time to invest in nice, quality visuals. Simply throwing together a flyer with endless copy and cheesy design won’t cut it.

Even if the brand does not have much to speak of in the form of budget, there are many free or low-cost tools available for use. Canva is one such example that can turn even a complete newbie into a decent graphic artist for simple designs.

The same can be said for product photography and social media content. Don’t solely rely on stock images and cell phone photos. While these certainly have a place, this should not be the only content found on a cannabis brand’s social media.

Spring for classic product shots that show products in their best light. Make your cannabis brand the one with the best marketing materials and the cleanest assets. This effort and investment of time and resources will pay off as more customers are attracted to the aesthetic of the brand.

Remember, many cannabis consumers are younger, more tech-savvy individuals. This often means they have a discerning eye when it comes to what catches their attention while perusing the internet.

Of course, it’s important to keep materials “on brand”, but even the most fun, quirkiest brands should take the time to implement a strong, attractive marketing strategy — even in an industry that needs little boosting to call attention to itself!

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