⚡️ Jan + Feb 2024 Newsletter: What’s Up with Gen Z!? ⚡️  

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Here’s what you need to know what know about the most trend-obsessed generation in history:  

Gen Z Slang

  • Trech – Comes from “treacherous”, meaning something incredibly odd or weird
  • Bot –  Referring to an AI bot playing poorly in a game, “You’re being such a bot” can be used when someone makes a mistake or acts weird.
  • Pookie – Popularized by Campbell & Jett on TikTok, “Pookie is looking absolutely fire today” has become a viral internet phrase and a term of endearment to use when your friend or partner looks their best.

TikTok Trends on the Rise 📱

  • Beyonce Line DanceBeyonce’s new country song “Texas Hold ‘Em” has people doing line dances all over TikTok.
  • High and Low Visual Weight Visual weight helps you figure out what makeup suits you best based on your facial features. 
  • If I won the lottery – Using Djo’s song, “End of Beginning,” the first slide reads, “If I won the lottery, I wouldn’t tell anyone…” followed by a photo of something unattainable or frivolous, along with the text, “But there would be signs.”

Celebrity Drama & News ⭐️

Trending TV Shows, Movies, Music, Restaurants, Fashion Styles, Beauty Hacks, & More 🤩 

Beauty & Fashion Trends We’re Following

  • Rhode Lip Case – To keep all your essentials in one place, Hailey Bieber created a phone case made to hold her famous peptide lip treatment, and it’s going viral.
  • Pat McGrath ‘Glass Skin’ look – Created for the Margiela Artisanal fashion show in Paris, this doll-like, glass skin makeup look took the beauty world by storm and has multiple artists trying to figure out how McGrath created this look so perfectly. Influencers are now flocking to TikTok to recreate this iconic look.
  • Mob Wife Aesthetic – Social media buzz suggests that minimalist beauty has been dethroned, making way for the rise of channeling a “mob wife winter” aesthetic. This audacious, unabashedly extravagant trend exudes confidence and attitude. The starting point of the mob wife look is typically a simple all-black outfit, adorned with eye-catching statement pieces like lush faux-fur coats, bold jewelry, boots, and animal-print accessories
  • Rosettes Rosettes, a decorative rose element displayed on clothing as a fashion statement, are a staple of girlcore that will be everywhere in 2024.  They made an appearance on more spring runways than we could count, popping up on everything from ball gowns to button-down shirts. 

Hottest Restaurants We’re Eating At in NYC

  • Jeans – Located in NoHo, this new hotspot has a cafe, a main dining room, and even a cocktail lounge. Frequented by influencers and celebs, it’s no wonder it’s almost impossible to get a reservation.
  • HiLot – Located in the East Village, this sister cocktail lounge of Joyface is perfect for a date night or girls night out. 
  • Nat’s On Bank – Located in the West Village, this funky small bites venue is perfect for a solo date night or a brunch with your pals. The crab rangoon dip and burger are must-trys. 

TV Shows & Movies We’re Binging

  • The Traitors – Hosted by Alan Cumming in a Scottish castle, 20 contestants, a mix of celebrities and regular people, work together to build a $250,000 prize fund in a murder mystery game. However, hidden traitors aim to eliminate the faithful contestants for a chance to steal the entire prize.
  • The Bachelor – Season 28’s bachelor, Joey Graziadei, is a cute, sensitive tennis instructor who has folks all over the country swooning on their couches every Monday night. He’s on the hunt to find his perfect match by dating 25+ girls. 
  • My Life With The Walter Boys – When a teenage girl’s family dies in a tragic car accident, she is forced to move in with her best friend’s family. Quickly, she finds herself stuck between two brothers, the popular jock and the quiet, sweet cowboy. 
  • Griselda– Released exclusively on Netflix starring Sofia Vergara, the story follows Griselda Blanco, a powerful Colombian crime boss, her rise in the Miami drug scene, and her pursuit of power and wealth. 

Songs & Podcasts We’re Listening to On Repeat

  • Therapuss with Jake ShaneJake Shane (AKA @passthatpuss on TikTok) sits down with celebs and friends on his new podcast for a deep dive therapy session based off his viral Instagram series “Tell Me What’s Wrong.” Recent guests include Reneé Rapp and Harry Jowsey.
  • Beyonce’s TEXAS HOLD ‘EMBeyoncé made history once again by releasing a new album during the Super Bowl. Not only is it new music but a new genre for her as well…country.
  • The Basement YardHosted by comedians and long-time friends Joe Santagato and Frank Alvarez, this podcast chats on relevant pop-culture topics. The lifelong best friends effortlessly turn everyday banter into entertainment.
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