New strategies for marketing traditional food products


For a lot of people, how food is presented is as important as how it tastes. With people navigating unique challenges during COVID -19, eating habits underwent a transformation of sorts

. There has been a move towards health management. People are being experimental in the kitchen, baking more frequently, going meat-free, and looking up immunity-boosting diets.

With the trend of healthy eating gaining ground, promotional strategies for traditional food need to adopt a new approach.

Spirited Content

Engaging and spirited content can encourage customers to buy food. It is important to identify the channel through which the majority of the target audience can be reached.

Since food cannot be tasted on the screen or across an audio channel, exceptional visual and written content is needed.

A good idea would be to visualize the product or service. For instance, Starbucks had stated that the froth in their Iced Cloud Macchiato is light as a cloud. They visualized that idea in a Facebook ad with a five-second video.

Take the Help of Food Bloggers

Food bloggers can show food products in the most flattering light. They create unique recipes and make ordinary food look artistic.

There are some food items that are delicious, but because of the time and effort involved in preparing them they seem to be burdensome.

Food bloggers provide solutions to such problems. Smitten Kitchen , an extremely popular food blog with striking photographs, makes food look like a work of art.

Promotional Events

Free food always gets attention. Offer relatively less popular food items as freebies or set up discounts on them. This will also generate press coverage for businesses.

If there is a major event, like a concert or a festival, promotion can be planned around it. A consistent presence on Instagram can promote such events. Invite people to try cooking for themselves, even if virtually. Then offer discounts on the most expensive products if they are used as ingredients.


If your business is a restaurant, then choosing a good one always feels like a challenge. Yelp has listings for almost everything that a customer wants to find.

The monthly traffic on Yelp is massive at 71 million unique visitors per month. It lets a business display important details like restaurant name, address, website, and customer reviews in front of potential customers.

There is an added option of paying a fee on Yelp to guarantee the listing of a business at the top of relevant search results.

Email Subscribers

Build a selection of email customers. Coupons and discounts can be offered to potential customers. There can be email only offers offering discounts.

New items can also be discussed in these emails, while  ‘thank you’ emails also help build brand identity.

Moreover the content of the emails can include how a business is partnering with charitable initiatives in these challenging times. Recipes can also be included. And questions, concerns or problems that customers may have had can be handled through emails too.

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