PetTech Dominated CES – Why This Industry Will Grow in 2024

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Pet Tech 02.01.24

At CES 2024, the latest in pet tech was unveiled, changing how people care for their pets. No longer do pets need to be left alone with just basic supplies. Now, they can benefit from AI-powered playmates and smart healthcare gadgets. This technology is transforming the way people interact with and care for their animal friends.

Pet AI companions

Pet owners can now have peace of mind about their pup’s activities while they’re away at work. The latest playful robot dog is designed to keep the pup company, give treats upon command, and monitor their health. Oro’s AI-powered pet robot showcases how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing pet care, turning what used to be a sci-fi fantasy into reality. 

These intelligent companions can act as mobile nannies, engaging pets in games, monitoring their activity levels, and even providing real-time updates through video calls. This isn’t just about convenience. AI assistants can detect changes in behavior or vital signs, potentially alerting pet owners to health concerns before they become serious. 

But AI goes beyond robot roommates. Pet tech companies like Invoxia and Ilume are pushing the boundaries of smart collars. These innovative devices track the pet’s location, monitor their activity levels and vital signs, and even detect heart issues in both cats and dogs.

Entertaining pets

While providing food and shelter is essential, pets crave mental stimulation and engagement. CES 2024 showcased a plethora of tech-infused gadgets designed to keep furry friends happy and entertained. 

Birdfy’s AI-powered bird feeder is a prime example. This intelligent feeder goes beyond simply dispensing seeds. It can identify individual bird species, recognize feeding patterns, and even send owners notifications when feathered friends visit. 

For more mobile companions, the Pawport smart pet door unlocks a new level of freedom. This sleek device seamlessly integrates into a smart home system, allowing pets safe and controlled access to the outdoors using facial recognition or RFID tags. No more worrying about lost keys or unwanted critters sneaking in. 

But entertainment isn’t just about doors and feeders. Interactive pet toys have come a long way from squeaky balls to AI-powered playthings. Several pet tech companies at CES showcased toys that adapt to a pet’s play style and preferences, keeping them engaged and stimulated even when the owners aren’t around. These intelligent toys can track activity levels, adjust difficulty, and even personalize play sessions based on the pet’s unique personality. 

Monitoring pet health

CES 2024 showcased advancements in pet care that go beyond just basic needs. New innovations emphasize the importance of prevention and early detection of health problems. For cats, litter box technology has made significant strides. Automated litter boxes now have the ability to clean themselves, monitor waste patterns, and notify owners of possible health issues through changes in elimination behavior.

But it’s not just about cats. Pet tech in food is also evolving to cater to individual needs. Pet tech companies are developing personalized food plans and smart feeders that adjust portion sizes based on the pet’s activity level and age. This ensures pets get the right amount of fuel for their lifestyle, promoting optimal health and preventing obesity.

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