How to Succeed in PR and Marketing

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pr-marketing 09.23.14

For anyone who wants to excel as a marketing professional, there are several areas you can work on that will increase overall success and will help advance in your career.

Business Acumen

Business acumen encompasses a range of skills, but, ultimately, it has to do with understanding a client’s business and knowing how to help the company achieve its goals. That said, you need to have knowledge beyond the area that you touch in an organization and therefore have a grasp on the financial, accounting, marketing and operational functions of that business. This awareness enables you to strategize and lead meaningful conversations with key stake holders in a business from the C-suite and other top decision makers.  You become integral in corporate planning strategies and can better explain how the results you have achieved impacted the client’s goals.


With so many business scandals making the front page, more companies are looking for employees with high moral standards for honesty and ethics. Integrity is a character trait that you can’t teach in business school.

Intellectual Curiosity

For anyone to grow in a public relations or marketing company, they need to be intellectually curious about how the world works. The desire to learn more by reading books or taking workshops helps to increase your knowledge of new technologies and new methodologies used in business.


Being creative is a good way to distinguish yourself when looking for a PR job. A creative person thinks in new ways, offers new ideas, and sees things in unusual ways. These traits are very useful in public relations.

Team Player Attitude

The nature of PR is that you can’t work in isolation. This means that you have to learn to get along with a variety of people including colleagues and clients. You also have to be willing to collaborate with others to achieve business goals.

Listening Skills

Listening well is an undervalued skill. You can’t expect to always have the right answers, so getting input from others is essential if you want a job done well. By truly listening to what people say, you can hear what is not being said such as concerns or issues that are not overtly expressed.


Exuding confidence in your abilities is another hallmark of success. People are drawn to those who believe in themselves. Confidence also leads to the respect of others in the business world.

For success in PR today, you need more than just a relevant degree or a few years’ experience at an agency. You need a new set of skills that makes it possible for you to perform at a high level in an ever-evolving field.

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