Four Questions To Ask About Your PR Strategy

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public relations strategy 04.12.18

Staying ahead of the game in PR means making sure you your strategy is fresh, relevant and in sync with your brand’s values. Living in a world of a hyperactive news cycle means that this is harder than ever. As PR professionals, we need to constant ask ourselves whether our PR strategy is up to date with things like technology and your company’s evolving personality.

Being able to clearly articulate your company’s values and products is key to being in the driver’s seat when it comes to being in charge of your company’s reputation. This doesn’t necessarily mean changing what you are doing, but it means it is important to constantly listen, prod and consider what your company is doing and how it is doing it so you are prepared. It also keeps your PR team in check regarding whether or not your messaging is resonating with your customers and audience. To stay on top of the game, here are four questions you should be asking yourself about your PR strategy:

Is your PR and marketing defined by your brand’s identity?

The most important part of your PR and marketing is to make sure your brand messaging and voice is in tune with your brand’s identity. Anything short of this and you will seem unauthentic – especially with today’s critical and engaged audience. This is something worth discussing with your team on a regular basis to make sure everyone is working towards your brand identity sets the tone for your PR and marketing.

Is there a crisis management plan?

If the answer is no, then change it! A crisis management plan is crucial to mitigating risks and responding to uneasy situations in a way that reduces the damage to your company and its reputation. A crisis plan doesn’t need to be complex and overwhelming, but it should take an honest and deep look at your vulnerabilities and the best course of actions during a crisis.

Even if you do have a crisis management plan, it’s a good idea to check if it needs an update, especially if there have been changes in the market or otherwise exposing you to new vulnerabilities.

Is your influencer marketing strategy engaging your target audience?

Influencer marketing is a fast-growing approach to PR that has proven to be highly effective as it engages people with influence to talk about your brand. A recent survey in Forbes concluded 92% of consumers trust influencers over celebrities and traditional advertising.

Influencers are the best kind of brand advocates who command a band of followers who respect and trust them. So, given the effect influencer marketing can have on your brand, make sure you ask yourself if the influencers you’re engaging are the right people with the right audience to take your brand to the next level.

Are you creating conversations about your brand?

Last but not least, has your PR strategy involved getting people engaged and talking about your brand. Explore outside the box to see how you can stimulate conversations about your brand and create a buzz!


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