4 Things You Must Include In Your Pre-launch Checklist

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Pre-Launch Public Relations Checklist 10.06.15

In a previous post, we highlighted how your company can benefit from tying in a product/company launch with PR – and the huge ROI that comes with the strategy. Today, we will break down several crucial aspects that your company must include on their pre-launch checklist. Creating a business plan requires more work than many people tend to anticipate. Conjuring up a basic business model devours close to 100 hours of mental consumption in total. This means the process of thinking non-stop for roughly eight hours daily would have to continue uninterrupted for about 10 to 12 days to make one step in moving a business forward.

But let’s face it. Pacing around for eight hours consecutively just to think is something very few people have time to do. So you’ll need an advantage to push your business concepts forward while still giving your venture the attention it needs. You’ll find more information on a few things to be done in our pre-launch checklist below.

Developing Consumers before your Product is Manufactured

Being sure about what your product is, how to produce it, and how to profit best from it allows you to develop a gathering of potential consumers prior to launch. This means that at “opening day,” you’ll already have a field of people to reach and just as many interested. You single them out by targeting consumers more likely to take your products by interest, need, or obvious life improvements they believe they’ll receive.

Approaching a Funding Method

One thing even the most seasoned entrepreneurs have to deal with is an ability to put the carriage before the horse. What every business man and woman should be considering before ideas start flowing are ways of funding the ideas you’ll have. There’s practically nothing worse in business than needing time to expand mentally without having it.

Much of business and entrepreneurial success is a result of mindset. The power of an unimpeded thought process whose imagination can be made with the right funding is limitless.

Ensure that You’re Thinking Mobile

If you’re thinking that, “Here’s another person telling you to go mobile,” then we’re sorry for it. You just have to go mobile. But it doesn’t mean you’ll lose your house staying atop modern technology trends.

What it does mean, however, is your marketing, branding, advertising and selling efforts need to facilitate mobile devices. Three out of every five consumers are using digital devices for buying transactions, and you cannot escape the necessity for having this same accessibility for your own business.

Creating Markets from Consumer Demands

Be sure to double check the motive of your product(s) and service(s) prior to your big launch. Most of what we create as business offerings to the public are best received when they meet the demands of an existing population. This will then be a population that can be serviced according to needs that are not speculated on but rather confirmed.

Taking these measures in understanding your consumer’s demands will allow you to create the right product or service that people will actually buy. Keep these things in mind as you near the date of your business opening and its transition will run smoothly.


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