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sales pr 17.02.19

A major goal for any business is to create profit by selling its product or service. A source of frustration for many business executives is the sheer amount of time and effort it can take to convert a potential sales lead into a buying customer. While sales and marketing teams are the ones usually in charge of creating conversions and thus driving sales, neglecting the role of PR activities in the sales process can be a missed opportunity for many businesses.

PR can be a powerful tool to jumpstart sales. It can be helpful in improving response times from potential leads as well as increasing the probability of a sale.

Here are a few ways PR can drive sales for your business:


It’s no surprise that marketing and PR are diving further and further into the digital world. Spending on digital ads are taking over more and more of the ad budget and sales tactics based on digital platforms are more popular than ever. That said, there is still room for the non-digital space and that’s where PR can swoop in.

PR can be a gateway to new opportunities as networking provides an avenue to show offy our expertise and insights, thus building trust and credibility. With a flood of contacts and spectacular networking prowess, PR can open up doors for industry events, trade organizations, marketing partnerships, speaking opportunities and so on. These events and opportunities are an excellent way to generate leads that are more likely to be interested in your product or service.

Content Marketing Advice

‘Content’ has become a major buzzword in marketing. Content marketing is an indispensable and highly effective marketing tool that creates results. The whole idea of content marketing to generate leads, or more important drive sales, by creating unique, relevant and interesting content that makes the audience connect to your product or service.

A PR professionals everyday job to to create content by using their expertise to draft key messages to either the general public or a targeted audience. A PR agency is perfectly placed to provide advice and counsel on the types of content that are more likely to resonate with a specific audience, while at the same time creating a media buzz. Having the right message to the right audience can go a long way in increasing your sales and PR can help you get there.

Enhance Credibility

Most companies use PR as a way to build a positive reputation with the public by creating a relationship based on trust and credibility. PR is also a great tool for sustaining trust even when times get rough. Credibility and trust are very powerful and without it, it is unlikely sales continue growing. While enhancing credibility is a long-term and continuous function of PR, it is vital to the long-term growth of a company.

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