Tips to drive consumer loyalty

fintech marketing public relations 11.07.22

A business will not survive without happy customers. Customer loyalty is not only about customer satisfaction, it goes beyond that. It is about overall trust in a brand and how likely a customer is going to repeatedly spend money on the products and services of a brand. If a customer can depend on a brand, they will return to it. A meaningful bond is also important as that helps immensely in customer satisfaction. To gain loyalty and build relationships, a business has to learn a lot about its customers. Given below are strategies that will help a business to gain loyalty.

Reward customers for their loyalty

Customers love being given something exclusive. For instance, giving them access to a product that hasn’t been launched yet can make them feel like part of something exclusive and drive customer loyalty. They can also be asked to join loyalty programs. The Body Shop has a loyalty program called ,’ Love your Body Club’. This program rewards customers whenever they spend money on the products of the brand. Members of this program also receive free shipping and birthday gifts. Giving customers special mentions on social media platforms also helps to show them how much a business appreciates them.

Increase responsiveness

Customer service can be a very important factor when it comes to choosing a brand. The staff of a business should be friendly and helpful and easily accessible. Each interaction with the customers matters as customers evaluate each interaction that they have with a business. Any problem that a customer faces should be solved in a timely manner.

Get personal with customers

For customer loyalty, it is important to get personal with customers. Knowing a customer well means that a business can anticipate their needs and help solve their problems. A customer can also be chosen as ‘customer of the month’ on social media or the website of a business. Keeping customers updated about business news that hasn’t been made public yet or talking about rough times also help to humanize a brand.

Engage customers consistently

Customer engagement means interacting with customers constantly, online and offline. That could be an email newsletter about a new product that has been launched or some behind-the-scenes footage. Businesses that focus on customer engagement create value. Effective communication results in happy customers. A customer can be selected as the ‘Customer of the month’ on the website or social media platform of a business. If the online checkout is complex or a customer has to wait too long to talk to a customer representative they might not be loyal to the brand. A customer has to feel that a brand has something special or relevant to offer. An authentic brand with a personal story encourages customers to engage with it. Customers can be consistently notified about events and offers. Customers should feel valued every step of the way and this value returns as customer loyalty.

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