‘Tis the Season: How Soon Should Brands Begin Promotions for Holiday Decor

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Holiday marketing is a critical aspect for businesses, especially considering the challenging times the world has been facing in the last few years. To ensure success during the holiday season, companies must develop a strategic marketing plan, account for various factors that influence outcomes, and effectively execute their strategy. However, the main question that most brands tend to face is when they should start their holiday marketing efforts. There are a few things that brands should consider when thinking about the ideal timing and strategies to begin holiday marketing that will lead to success.

Starting Holiday Marketing Plans

Holiday shopping and planning seem to start earlier each year. Experts predict that due to a potential recession and record-high inflation, shoppers will begin even earlier this year to secure gifts before prices rise. In fact, almost 40% of surveyed individuals plan to shop earlier this year for that reason. Companies must initiate their holiday marketing planning early to leverage this bustling season. Although companies may not have all the details finalized for November and December, contemplating their holiday marketing strategy as early as July or August can guide their future focus. Brands that haven’t started planning yet need not worry, as they can still develop a fantastic strategy to reach shoppers this season.


Companies can start by identifying specials and holiday offers. They can then work on the key messages they wish to convey and outline the target audience. They should also detail the marketing strategies they want to use to achieve their goals. While initiating planning this early may seem overwhelming, it’s smart to do so as soon as possible as the holidays start approaching in a few months.

Planning Holiday Campaigns

As early as July 4th, Halloween decorations can be found at local stores, causing a stir among shoppers searching for summer essentials. The sight of pumpkins and ghoulish ornaments may be unsettling, but it prompts thoughts of upcoming holidays. People start planning for Thanksgiving and the winter holidays, considering their menus and gift budgets. Christmas wish lists are created, and fall sneaks up on everyone. It becomes clear why stores start preparing so soon for the holiday rush.

Over half of holiday shoppers plan to finish their shopping before December, according to research. This means companies can start creating their holiday messaging in August or early September. It’s not necessary to go full-on holiday cheer just yet. Companies can focus on seasonal holidays like Halloween to lead up to the busy shopping season. This approach allows businesses to engage early with shoppers by offering specials, loyalty programs, and educating them about holiday offerings. Other brands can also benefit, not just retailers. Unless a company is strictly seasonal outside of winter, consumers will still require services. There are many ways for businesses to stay top of mind during the holiday season.

Starting Holiday Campaigns

As November approaches, companies need to have their holiday marketing strategy in full swing. Halloween has passed, pumpkins and turkeys are in grocery stores, and haunted houses are cleared. It’s time to grab the attention of consumers and put on a show for the upcoming holidays, regardless of the industry.

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