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digital pr tools 05.07.21

It is essential for companies to be organized and to keep up with trends and issues in their field. Using digital PR tools is a great way to ensure that brands are doing everything they can to be on-trend.

Digital PR tools worth investing in

Many businesses or high-profile individuals do not have a lot of time researching trends and issues themselves. Digital PR tools can be used to effectively manage time spent online and on social media to ensure the best results. Using tools to connect with industry-specific experts, supporters, and potential clients and consumers allows brands to manage their time.


The importance of good grammar, spelling, and formatting is obvious. Good PR and communication teams know how to communicate on social media platforms effectively and smartly. But Grammarly goes beyond a simple spell check and is a great last defence to ensure that all communications are clear and concise.

The basic version of Grammarly is free. Grammarly Premium is worth it for any business or individual who relies on written communication. Grammarly will point out any grammatical and spelling errors and rate a text’s reading level, overall tone, and any sentences that are passive or need shortening or clarification.


Help A Reporter Out (HARO) is currently the world’s largest network sourcing platform. Used by journalists, high-profile publications, and experts, HARO makes expert commentary more accessible. Journalists are connected to the most relevant sources for their stories. These experts gain valuable exposure by being profiled and covered by journalists around the world.


SEO is constantly changing and evolving. Ahrefs have designed an “all-in-one SEO toolset” that includes free learning materials and an extensive community and support department. Ahrefs provide the tools needed to get more website traffic and rank higher in searches.

Brands such as Netflix, Adobe, and Facebook use Ahrefs, proving that they are effective and highly knowledgeable about SEO and digital PR. Ahrefs offers a seven-day trial for $7 and a comprehensive free library on how to make the most out of their services.

Investing in relevant digital PR tools allows businesses to monitor their online presence. Using tools and experts to solidify brand credibility and reliability sets brands up for success. A brand with an active internet presence that does not positively contribute to its brand messaging is not digital PR. It is a waste of time and resources.

Digital PR is more than press releases and crisis communications

While press outreach and contact is the most “traditional” form of PR, only focusing on brand promotion with traditional media outlets such as newspapers and TV stations is not an effective PR strategy in 20221.

Digital PR is essential because digital media outlets are more accessible than ever before. Companies must have a strong internet presence, as potential customers are more likely to search the internet than a phone book for relevant services and companies.

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