Digital PR: Importance for Your Brand in 2022

Digital PR
digital pr 12.24.20

Digital PR is an online marketing approach that’s used to increase a brand’s awareness via internet-based strategies. While in many ways it’s similar to traditional PR, digital PR reaches a broader audience. Employing novel methods like content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, and influencer outreach, digital PR is a powerful strategy that brands can roll-out to improve their online presence and visibility.

With the rapid growth of the internet and internet marketing systems, digital PR experts can reap many more benefits via a broad range of marketing channels. Top among these channels are webinars, highly engaging social media, and well-publicized interviews on online publications. By connecting and interacting with highly targeted audiences, brands can clarify their focus and spread accurate and up-to-date information, much more easily.

That said: Why is digital PR important to your brand in 2021? Here are several reasons why any public relations team should add digital PR is their marketing and communication mix. So how will Digital PR help your brand in 2021?

1. Increase your Web Traffic

Whether it’s a new blog post, a revamped service page, or an “About Us” page, a brand’s next steps should be to build their credibility and influence, leading to high-quality links to a brand’s webpages. Amassing links from high authority websites positively affects search engine rankings, increasing traffic to different webpages.

Rather than wait for the trickle of links garnered via press mentions and natural links, employing a strategic digital PR strategy will boost a brand’s search ranking and increase traffic. By leveraging tailored and keyword-optimized media pitches, brands can influence their media contacts to focus on terms in various deeper pages.

At the same time, leveraging content-rich pages as resources, when conducting outreach, presents opportunities for a brand’s webpages to rank as a key resource, driving-up search engine results pages (SERP) ranking and increasing traffic.

What’s more, with a strategic digital PR strategy, brands can tap into influencers with highly engaged and large follower counts. Not only will a well-planed influencer outreach increase traffic to your brand, but it will also maximize traffic flow to a target page. To add, through digital PR, relationships (between brands and select influencers) are well-cultivated, creating opportunities for influencers to become a brand’s or website’s ambassador. Eventually, these approaches boost web ranking and traffic.

2. Establish Your Brand as An Authority

Through a strategic digital PR plan, a brand can continually publish high-quality articles on top-ranking sites. With a target audience viewing a brand as an important resource for credible information, a brand’s image and trust improve tremendously. Ultimately, trust in your brand grows, making it an authority in its niche.

A good digital PR strategy will also help steer your audiences’ perceptions and attitudes towards your brand. With a great perception of your brand, an audience will gladly consume content produced by your brand. Besides, an effective digital PR plan will boost your brand’s goodwill within a niche, leading to organic referrals from interested audiences. Eventually, these contribute to a high authority and well-reputed brand.

3. Enhance Lead Generation and Sales

Thanks to a well-executed digital PR plan, brands are mentioned more frequently within online spaces where target audiences congregate. Presenting a brand’s novel solutions in front of a highly-targeted audience generates leads through traffic, leading to additional sales for the brand.
With numerous benefits accruing from digital PR, incorporating the strategy into a brand’s marketing and communications will increase a brand’s competitive edge in 2021 and beyond.

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