When to Scale a Business

scale business 26.10.20

Scaling a new business is not an easy decision for any business owner. The demand might be high for a period of time, but one of the frequent downsides to newer companies is that they cannot keep up with the demand from consumers.

Soon after, these businesses end up losing the customers they have, as well as the relationships they’ve built with the vendors, and all because no one was sure about the right time or the right way to scale things up.

Using Data

All businesses should be gathering and managing data because this is one of the best ways to figure out whether it’s time to scale the business, give predictions, and insights on what the business needs to achieve growth.

However, an increase in demand isn’t the only sign that a business needs to scale. The company should have enough resources if it wants to increase the number of clients, which can be revealed through analytics and data analysis.

Optimizing Sales

If a business has to increase the employee overhead to increase the quarterly sales goals by 50%, this is a sign that it’s time to scale the business. However, this process should never be rushed because rushing tends to ruin a growth strategy. When planning to get more employees, the hiring process should be thorough, and the added team should consist of people experienced in sales and have a proven track record.

If a business cannot find these types of employees, the next best thing is to train the new employees, which is a great strategy for entry-level staff members.

Lead Generation

A business has to be ready to scale if it wants to drive, generate, capture, and nurture enough sales leads. A small business doesn’t have the capacity to handle an increase in new prospects and nurture the leads.

The marketing team can create a targeting strategy that’s going to turn the leads into clients, and depending on the company’s industry. It will likely need a combination of outreach, incentives, email, and social media marketing and website optimization – all of which means the business will have to increase its marketing budget.


If a business has recently gone viral on social media, this is a sign that it needs to be scaled up and as quickly as possible. Viral campaigns tend to create a lot of demand practically overnight, and smaller businesses don’t usually have the inventory on-hand to keep up with the demand of orders, which’s only going to be increasing from that point onwards.

Going viral is a great time for a business to start thinking about outsourcing so that it can keep up with the increased demand. If the business succeeds in keeping the social media buzz at a higher level than usual, the business can end up growing bigger even more in a shorter period of time.

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