Why Outreach Strategy is Important for B2B

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The quote “Life will never be the same…” by children’s author, Nancy Tillman pretty much sums up today’s marketing environment since the pandemic. It also strongly suggests that customer outreach is more important than ever, even for B2B marketers.

As old-timers would often lament about times being different then, so, too, has COVID-19 caused marketers to reflect about the past and reassess today’s marketplace. Where prospective clients once filled sales funnels, many marketers are now seeking other ways to attract new customers.

One such strategy to lead generation is consumer outreach. Not only will implementing outreach strategy help refill the brand’s pipeline but it could also shore up loyalty among existing clients.

Here are some steps to take.

Existing clients are the foundation of a brand’s business. They should be the first priority because happy and content loyal customers are the best marketing tool a brand can have.

Discover what makes each client unique and how the brand can be more valuable in helping them succeed.

It’s important to discover if the pandemic changed what they’ve been purchasing in order to adapt, if necessary.

Regardless of the answer, most clients would appreciate being shown that kind of sensitivity and interest. If the client’s original target persona has changed, the brand needs to recognize and adapt to it.

As things slowly return to a new normal, marketers need to review and evaluate the outreach content they’ve been using.

Much of it during the pandemic likely consisted of messages of hope, empathy and agility. Is that what clients need to hear now and going forward?

Visit client websites, blogs and other platforms to get a sense of their tone to customers. Update target personas where necessary and modify any talking points to fit their behavior, This will reaffirm their confidence that they’re doing business with the right partner.

Today’s re-entry to a new normal may mean standing in line and being more patient in working with clients, particularly those who are focusing greater attention on their customers.

This could mean longer time spans in refilling an order or getting back to the brand and cranking back old timeframes.

Similarly, sales and marketing are still undergoing dramatic changes today. Client calendars may not be as quickly adaptable to a brand’s strategy, especially if much of the contact is still occurring through virtual meetings.

If so, it’s not too late to reaffirm best practices for such meetings with reminders about matching the tone and pace of the conversation, gauging the flow of the conversation and how to “read” the client virtually.
Empathizing with clients worked during the pandemic and can still be invaluable. Many are still challenged with the effects of COVID-19, disrupted supply chains, etc. Be a good listener and alert to any signals that may help better understand and assist clients.

Above all, be patient, empathetic, understanding and trustworthy. Not only will this be appreciated by clients and result in continued business, but doing so may also deliver unexpected positive reviews and referrals. Having a solid outreach strategy will sustain the brand’s sales funnel and ensure future success.

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