How To Build Brand Relationships With Petfluencers

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pet influencer 01.29.23

Petfluencers aren’t a new concept, they’ve been around since the start of social media as owners love to share and show off photos and videos of their furry friends. One of the most effective and efficient tools that modern companies can use to connect with their target audiences is social media marketing as a way to generate brand awareness and build relationships. Social media marketing takes a lot of work and effort, as well as careful planning so that companies will be able to create social media marketing campaigns that are going to generate positive results, and can be even more challenging when you decide to work with petfluencers. Here’s how you can go about building these relationships to benefit your brand.

Influencers and Pet Brands

Companies can invest in collaborating with petfluencers, which are pet influencers, to create influencer marketing campaigns for social media platforms. That’s when a company decides to collaborate with a social media influencer to promote itself or its solutions. These days, there are thousands of different social media influencers that companies can partner with to reach niche target audiences which contribute toward the positive results that companies are looking to generate from these types of campaigns. Influencers across social media platforms tend to have very committed followers, and that includes petfluencers. According to research, the pet industry media around the world started spending over $2 billion on marketing campaigns in 2021, however, only around 5% of that was strictly intended to fund social media marketing campaigns. Yet, over 70% of customers have made a purchasing decision regarding a solution after they saw that solution being promoted to them through an influencer on some of the major social media platforms. That means pet companies that haven’t yet should start investing in influencer marketing campaigns as, like with all influencer marketing, it can be a very effective way to drive brand awareness and conversion.

Building an Influencer Strategy

In order to create successful petfluencer campaigns, companies should focus on a few different elements ahead of executing the campaign. This can include creating a storyboard for the campaign, choosing the right communications channels, planning their influencer recruitment strategies, and aligning on budget, monitoring and results. For a campaign to feel authentic, choosing the right pefluencers is key. That means companies will have to thoroughly research and vet the petfluencer before deciding to work with them, including analyzing the levels of trust and loyalty the audience has with them, as well as their level of influence. 

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