Rowenta Beauty & 5WPR: Pretty Perfect Partners

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When it comes to Beauty PR and Hair Care, 5W and Rowenta Beauty Prove to be Pretty Perfect Partners

Thanks to top-tier clients and successful campaigns, 5WPR has become an industry leader in the beauty PR arena. Continuing our successful year, this week saw us pick up more accolades at the PR News Agency Elite Awards in New York City. Our work on the campaign for Rowenta Beautyearned the agency’s consumer beauty division, a prestigious Agency Elite Award in the ‘Marketing to Women’ category.

Part of the reason for this success is our ability to conceive innovative new strategies and deliver genuinely creative campaigns. For Rowenta Beauty, our team delivered a campaign which successfully positioned the brand as a leader in quality hair care, incorporating influencer marketing, media relations and intense digital media campaigns.

At 5WPR, we understand that female shoppers have changed. Women are no longer influenced by celebrities or big brand endorsements. Representing 85% of all purchasing decisions in America, women prefer the wisdom of people just like them, people they can relate to them. “Everyday experts,” who use YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, make women feel more connected to authentic opinions and reviews rather than brands or celebrities.

Having secured celebrity hairstylist Josue Perez as the campaign’s spokesperson, we embarked on a campaign to secure relevant media placements and appearances for Perez, each specifically designed to promote Rowenta’s products. 5W’s creation, “Backstage at Fashion Week” did exactly what its name suggests: It allowed us to provide stylists at Fall  Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC with samples of Rowenta’s products, which they used to style the models for the runway.

Influential beauty voices and editors were pleased to see Rowenta Beauty front and center as the campaign gained traction at NY Fashion Week. Part of our campaign involved arranging desk-side meetings with top-tier editors, enabling us to discuss how Rowenta products could be showcased within their publications. Our team also surprised editors and bloggers with innovative and captivating events, including our ‘Breakfast & Blowouts’ event in New York City. This successful campaign saw over 30 top editors receive breakfast and makeovers using Rowenta hair tools.

Integrating social media with the Marketing to Women Rowenta campaign was critical to the success of the project. By harnessing the power of the Rowenta Beauty “Share the Love” campaign, which gave away a grand prize package trip to NYC, Rowenta Beauty quickly gained 6,000 new fans on their Facebook page.

Since the launch of the 5WPR campaign, Rowenta Beauty has increased its Facebook fan base by 280%. Combining social media with traditional media allowed 5W to garner placements in a host of major beauty and women’s lifestyle publications, including Harper’s Bazaar and The Huffington Post.

Thanks to the success of the campaign and the quality of the Rowenta Beauty products, 5W was able to establish Rowenta as a favored brand among salon professionals, editors and bloggers, confirming their status as a leader in quality hair care.

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