Shared Media: Tips to Maximize a Brand’s Reach

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Today, media coverage is an important metric in assessing the success of marketing and communication initiatives. Regardless of the social media platform on which content is relayed, getting the right media coverage brings satisfaction and pride to marketers.

Despite media coverage being key, achieving the required result requires some effort and the right strategy. Since media coverage isn’t a one-and-done exercise, several strategies go into achieving the right coverage and using the coverage in effective relationship building and sales marketing.

Here are several tips that smart marketers can use to maximize shared media in 2020.

Employ Hashtags

With hashtags rising in popularity, communication experts can leverage their use on social media to expand an audience’s reach on social media and differentiate a brand from key competitors. With hashtags standing out on media posts, playing a role in improving search engine rankings, increasing connections with a target audience, and building a community, brands can increase the reach of their shared media.

Using hashtags to promote events or share news relating to brand, companies can increase the coverage of their shared media. Through hashtags, communication experts can help brands grab consumers’ attention while increasing the memorability of a message. That’s because hashtags are short, memorable, and easily searchable.

Publish Accurate and Relatable Content

With COVID-19 forcing people to work from home and alarming news bogging major news outlets, social media has become an important source of information on the pandemic. To maximize on shared media, brands should publish facts about the pandemic in languages that their target audiences can relate to.

Not only will brands reach a wider audience, but they will also play an important role in fighting the spread of the novel virus. At the same time sharing simplified but factual information in a relatable form will help brands to remain active on social media despite the negative effects of the scourge.

Employ Content That Triggers Emotional Responses

Creating content that people love is an important factor in maximizing coverage in shared media. With more studies showing that content which triggers surprised or emotional responses is more likely to be shared, brands should incorporate emotional triggers in their content.

Emotional triggers help maximize shared content by encouraging shares and reaching a wider audience. Whether it’s a blog article or a marketing video, brands should put a spin on the content to evoke the reader’s emotions.

That way, brands can maximize the reach of their shared content while establishing a highly engaging community.

Know the Target Audience

Matching a brand’s content with its audience’s needs is important in maximizing the coverage of shared media. Specifically, brands should study the right time to publish social media posts.

While many factors come into play when maximizing the reach of shared media, timing content to match times when a target audience is most active is the best strategy to maximize on shared media

At the same time, studying a target audience’s lifestyle when deciding when to post will go a long way in maximizing on shared media.

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