Advertising versus public relations in New York City

Which is better for your brand, business or name? 5WPR discusses Advertising versus public relations in New York City? This question has been asked over and over many times for decades. The answer will vary and vastly depend on whom you ask. The top PR Firms in NY as well as others will argue about which of their agency or PR firm is better for your business.

Some will say PR firms are better while others will shout that advertising is the way to go. One thing is true and that is that when done correctly both can get the job done. However, a public relations firm can be more cost effective and efficient. Another reason companies or individuals looking into marketing or advertising a business may want to consider a PR firm instead of advertising is because public relations also generates credibility. One of the positive sides of advertising is that since the client ends up paying for the ad and or space, you can end up running your ads for as long as your marketing budget allows as well as over and over again. On the other hand, top public relations agencies will point out that whenever they can “generate any kind of third-party ‘endorsements’ using independent media sources, they end up creating authentic and great credibility for the PR firms clients’ products and/or services.

When it comes to PR NYC firms and Advertising Versus Public Relations there will always be a debate on which is better since there is so much money and resources involved. After all, advertising agencies and PR firms are in the business of selling and promotion. While advertising has the huge benefit of allowing you to convey your most critical and important communiqué to your targeted audience, public relations provides you with a way to capitalize and win the battle of perception.

This is why PR has been called “free public advertising” and when an AD can cost so much these days, anything free is always a great bargain. In the advertising vs. pr wars there will be two sides to each argument as with any debate or battle. Nevertheless, most New York PR firms know that with the influx of social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Google +, the advantage seems to be on their side. All it takes is for one Tweet or Status to go viral and the amount of free advertising any good PR marketing firms can get for their client(s) will be priceless. No pun intended.

NY PR firms can work for you and could very well be the best choice for your brand, product or name. You may choose a media marketing communications firm and decide that is the smartest way for you to go. In the long run whether you choose marketing or PR, Advertising Versus Public Relations can really depend on your company’s need, budget or public perception status. One thing is for sure; with the right advertising or PR firm agency in your corner, your name, product or brand will get the promotion it needs and deserves.