Updating Brand Values to Ensure You’re Connecting With Today’s Consumers

brand values 04.10.23

Consumers care more about the impact of their purchases on the world. Brands must align values with ethical practices. To connect with modern consumers, a brand can update its values using various strategies.

Conducting Market Research

To update brand values, start by conducting market research. Conduct surveys, focus groups, and other types of research to gain insights into consumer values and concerns. This helps brands understand what matters to consumers and how they decide what to buy. 

Assessing Current Brand Values

Brands must analyze their current brand values in comparison to the values important to consumers today. Any gaps or inconsistencies should be identified. Updating their brand values is necessary to better reflect ethical practices. 

Developing a Clear Mission Statement

Developing a clear mission statement can communicate a brand’s ethical values to consumers. The statement should outline the brand’s purpose, commitments to sustainability and social responsibility, and other ethical concerns. 

Communicating Ethical Practices

Marketing and advertising campaigns should highlight a brand’s ethical practices to inform consumers. These practices can include sustainable sourcing, ethical production processes, and any others that align with consumers’ values.

Partnering With Ethical Organizations

Partnering with ethical organizations that align with a brand’s values can help build credibility and trust among consumers. These include environmental and social justice groups, as well as other nonprofits promoting sustainability and social responsibility.

Investing in Sustainable Practices

Companies must focus on sustainable practices that reflect their values and goals. This encompasses waste and emission reduction as well as the use of renewable energy sources and sourcing sustainable materials.

Incorporating Diversity and Inclusion

Consumers consider diversity and inclusion essential values. Brands can reflect these values through updated branding. This involves prioritizing inclusive hiring practices, representing diverse communities in marketing campaigns, and creating accessible products for all consumers. 

Fostering Transparency

To nurture transparency, brands should be candid about company practices and commitments. This involves disclosing details about production processes and supply chains. Brands could also share information on other critical aspects of the business that buyers care about. 

Evaluating and Updating Brand Values

To stay relevant to consumers, brands must regularly assess and update the brand’s values. This includes ongoing market research, customer feedback, and evaluating the brand’s practices and commitments. 

Involving Employees

Brands often update their values by working with executives and founders. But they can also involve long-time employees in this process. A professional copywriter can also help ensure effective communication of the new brand values to the public.

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