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Don’t Ignore These Vital Elements of a Successful Digital Marketing Plan

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digital strategy 27.01.20

When building a can’t-miss digital marketing strategy, are there any elements that should definitely be included, no matter what the product is or who the target market may be. Yes. Absolutely. Here are some of those which are vital to the success of a digital marketing campaign.


It does no good to have a plan that the team implementing it doesn’t understand. That leads to message confusion and audience frustration. Beyond that, lack of clarity also tends to mean being unsure of benchmarks and data points, team members not knowing what is the most important metric or factor to consider at any given time. Conversely, having a clearly-defined and communicated plan means everyone on the team rowing in the same direction, sharing the same message in multiple different ways with the right target audience.

Social Media

It has become cliché to say that everyone is on social media. While that’s not literally true, it’s true enough to constitute a very important aspect of any digital marketing campaign. Social elements should be consistent, connective, engaging, and inviting to bring the most people to the table and keep them active with the brand. Social media is an opportunity for brand managers to instigate a spirit of customer loyalty and connectedness. Invaluable long-term success metrics.


Yes, social media is all the rage, and for good reason, but do not listen to anyone who says email is dead. Done properly, email marketing is every bit as powerful and effective in moving people and developing connections as it ever was. Today, it’s easier to do more with less when it comes to email marketing. Take the time to do it right and email marketing will pay significant dividends in any digital marketing campaign.


News cycles are nearly a thing of the past. While they still exist, the reality is, the world is constant. Someone, somewhere could always be engaging with a brand’s content, so the messaging needs to be connective and stay fresh. That means a plan that can bend and flex where needed and when necessary. Need to shift more resources and time to a certain market or avenue, set the plan up to make it quick and easy. Need to pivot to take advantage of an opportunity, be sure to build that latitude in the plan.

Customer Understanding

One of the greatest benefits of the digital age is the ability to develop and maintain a deep understanding of customers and fans. Not just what, when, where, and how they buy, but why they buy. What emotions drive them. How they feel, and why they feel that way. What differentiates them from similar consumers who bought or used the same products or services? Do these differences open up niche marketing opportunities? The more that’s known, the clearer the answers to these questions become.

A Well-Defined Goal

It’s not good enough to build a digital marketing strategy just because everyone else is doing it. To be successful, brand managers and marketers must understand why they are deploying this plan as well as what they want to get out of it. This should take the form of both an end goal, as well as specific benchmarks along the way.

While most digital marketing strategies will include many other elements, these are absolutely vital to achieving optimal success.

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